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Renowned as a Supplier of Equipment and Inks for the Screen and
Pad Printing Industry

Company profile

SERVIS CENTRUM Inc. was established in 1989. Its founders profited from their co-operation with prominent producers and manufacturers of screen printing equipment and materials, such as SVECIA AB, Sweden, manufacturers of screen printing machines, Seidengaze Zürich, Switzerland, producers of screen-printing mesh and MARABUwerke GmbH, Germany, producers of special inks. The company concentrated its interests in screen and pad printing and developed the technology and technical services associated with it.
SERVIS CENTRUM grew rapidly in the early nineties, and today represents the most prominent European producers of equipment and materials for screen and pad printing. These are:
MARABUwerke GmbH, Producers of Screen and Pad Printing Inks, Germany  KISSEL+WOLF GmbH, Producers of Chemical Screen Printing Products, Germany  SEFAR AG, Producers of Screen Printing Fabrics, Switzerland  WERNER KAMMANN Maschinen Fabrik GmbH, Producers of Special Screen Printing Machines for Shaped Items and Surfaces, Germany SPS-Rehmus GmbH, Producers of Cylinder Screen Printing Machines, Germany Additionally, SERVIS CENTRUM co-operates with other reputable companies in Germany, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States. In this way, we are able to provide a comprehensive range of the highest quality equipment and materials, matched only by our technological services.
Nowadays, SERVIS CENTRUM has its own production of screen-printing machines and equipment, especially MAGRA, screen printing machines, PROTON, manual printing tables, PRAKTIC, textile carousels, equipment for stencil production, and supplies of competitively priced high-quality equipment produced in the Czech Republic.
The company operates from 1200 sq.m. of office and warehouse space. SERVIS CENTRUM has a technology department for screen production, and a laboratory equipped with the latest spectrophotometer supplied with Kolmorgen Instruments and Gretag Mackbeth software for reliable colour matching and measurements.    

ISO Certification

SERVIS CENTRUM has been awarded ISO Certificates 9001:2000 and 14001. The Quality requirements of our customers and suppliers, and the constant demand for better working conditions and practices were the main inducements for the introduction of Quality and Environmental Management Systems.

What we can do for you.  
  •  Produce solid screen printing frames.
  • Apply mesh under the technical supervision of SEFAR, our Swiss supplier, to screen printing frames up to 2500 x 4000 mm, using SEFAR 4, the latest Pneumatic Stretching System.
  • Coat screens with direct emulsion; develop and make complete ready-to-use screen printing stencils of the highest quality from colour separated slides up to 4000 x 2500 mm.
  • Mix colour shades from any international colour matching system, or, according to your shade sample; make colour measurements and provide you with the certificate of measurement according to CIELAB co-ordinates.
  • Provide screen and pad printing equipment – from the simplest printing tables to the fully automatic printing lines.
  • Equip your stencil production department entirely, and, in addition, supply Mesh Stretching System.
  • Adjust and repair screen and pad printing machines.


PRODUCTS & SERVICES - What you can buy.


Screen and Pad Printing Machines and Accessories  - CZECH PRODUCT

MAGRA - semi and 3 Automatic Screen Printing Machines

The MAGRA machines are sophisticated standard screen printing machines equipped with moving print table operating on the parallel screen lift principle with permanent registration. With their compact construction, built-in drive units, vacuum and air cushioned table they are suitable for printing on a variety of substrates with a maximum thickness of 25 mm and maximum density of 2500 g/m2. MAGRA 11/21 has a printing format up to 760 x 1070 mm, while MAGRA 12/22 has a printing format up to 880 x 1250 mm. They are operated from a small free-standing control panel.


MAGRA machines are electro-pneumatically controlled by a PLC system that enables the operator to adjust the squeegee and flood coater speed and pressure, off-contact, peel-off, vacuum and air cushion intensity. Registration, squeegee and flood-coater position is adjusted by 3 micrometer screws. Using the control panel, it is possible to set and store various features of printing cycles (e.g. the speed of the squeegee and flood coater, printing cycle delays).
MAGRA machines represent the latest technology in high precision screen-printing. They are simple, reliable, quiet and easy to operate.

PROTON - manual Screen Printing Tables

PROTON Mini, PROTON 1 i PROTON 2 Patented manual screen printing tables with one-side guided squeegee represent the latest concept in their category. PROTON tables are designed for graphics printing on paper, cardboard, self-adhesive foils, metal sheets, PVC and HPS boards, acrylic glass, chipboard, etc. Thickness of the substrate is adjustable up to 50 mm. They operate on the pneumatic parallel screen lift principle, common to more advanced equipment. PROTON Mini has a maximum printing format 500 x 700 mm (700x700), PROTON 1 has a maximum printing format 760 x 1070 mm (DIN B1), while PROTON 2 has a printing format up to 880 x 1250 mm (DIN B0).
PROTON tables conform to European standards and requirements, such as accurate registration adjustment and efficient air cushion.


SSG Squeegee Grinders

The SGG semi-automatic and automatic squeegee grinders have been designed for precision grinding of machine operated squeegees up to 4000 mm. Both grinders use the circular grinding belt which produces sharp but perfectly smooth edges, especially in the case of polyurethane elastomer blades. In addition, the AUTO model can grind parabola-shaped edges, particularly of large-sized squeegees. 


Stencil Making Equipment

QUICK STAR  Proven small Copy Lamps equipped with a quick-start gallium lamp. DELTA & GAMA - vacuum Copy Frames equipped with a premium antistatic silicon membrane and a silent oil-free vacuum pump.  REGO – Drying Cabinets with precise temperature control developed for economy horizontal drying of coated printing screens. ACM - Illuminated Stainless Boxes with shower designed for comfortable and environmental stencil production.

Manual Textile Carousels

 PRAKTIK 4 and PRAKTIK 6 are the popular, cheap and simple Manual Textile Printing Carousels. They are available with 4 and 6 colour stations, and optional attachments for cap and umbrella printing. High-frequency Flash Curing Systems and long-wave Heat Transfer Machines can be supplied on request.


KAMMANN Screen Printing Machines – KAMMANN machines are widely known as special screen printing machines for decorating various shaped items and surfaces; industrial printing machines for bottles, glass, porcelain, CD and DVD formats; roll-to-roll printing machines for labels; and necessary auxiliary equipment.

SPS REHMUS – Precision Cylinder Screen Printing Machines equipped with feeder are designed for flat printing on flexible materials, especially suitable for varnishing and production of ceramic decals, textile transfers, stickers and labels. Modular JET/UV Dryers combined with Steam Humidifiers and Active Cooling Units, Wicket Dryers and Sheet Stackers are also available. 

Screen and Pad Printing Inks

MARABU – Very well-known Screen Printing Inks - single or two-component solvent based inks, water-based and UV-curing inks for printing on any required substrate, such as paper, plastics, textiles, glass, polyoxymetylen items, polyethylene bottles, CD-ROMs, light-signs, tarpaulins, etc. Pad Printing Inks featuring high chemical and mechanical resistance for printing on a variety of materials, on glass, ceramics and toys.

TIFLEX – Highly versatile Plastisol Inks produced in France for manual and machine printing on cotton, bicomponent fibres, and lycra. Special Inks with metallic and suede effects, reducers, thinners, transparent bases, thermo-transfer inks, and, lately required phtalate-free plastisols are also available. 

Materials for Stencil Production

KIWO – Are known world-wide for their stencil making products which are environmentally safe, bio degradable - diazo, UV and one-component SBQ photo-polymer emulsions, stencil making films, cleaning and degreasing chemicals, screen adhesives and retouch lacquers, decoating and anti-ghost agents, screenfillers, self-adhesives, flock adhesives and auxiliaries, bio-degradable refills for automatic washing machines, etc.

ARC Albert Rose Chemie (KIWO) – Renowned chemical products for textile and film printing, especially for rotary and metal screen applications.  


Screen Printing Mesh and Frames

SEFAR PET & PA – High-grade Swiss-made Synthetic Fabric for the electronics industry, ceramic and textile printing, plain or twill-woven mesh, and mesh with high-modulus fastness featuring extremely low elongation are available in various dimensions.

BOPP - Stainless Steel Wire Cloth – Stainless Steel Wire Cloth for screen printing, ensuring the best quality results in glass and ceramic printing, and especially in the electronics industry for printed circuit boards.

Aluminium Frames – Solid Aluminium Frames made of standard and special slope profiles. 


Squeegee Blades and Holders

FIMOR - Reputable French Producers of SERILOR Squeegee Blades SERILOR Squeegee Blades offering a high degree of resistance to solvents, abrasion and shelf-life; in various hardnesses and edge shapes, single and multi-layered, HR (highly resistant) blades especially suitable for industrial production. Manual and Machine Squeegee Holders are also available.

RKS – Fibreglass Blades for Manual and Machine printing.  Patented Squeegee Blades, consisting of fiberglass spines integrally joined at their tips to elastomer squeegee material.


Additional auxiliary equipment

ARCOTEC – Surface Energy Treatment Systems. Special systems for treatment of plastic surfaces; Test inks and Pens for determining the surface energy values necessary for good ink adhesion; Corona Generators and Flame Treaters.

SIMCO – Dutch Producers of Static Electricity Applications. SIMCO have been studying generation and neutralization of electrostatic charges for over 30 years. They supply wide range of electrodes, AC and DC generators, ionizing guns and knives for neutralising electrostatic charged material; Electrometers for determining electrostatic charges and ionised fields.

BELTRON – Electronically Controlled Copy Lamps. Beltrolux, sophisticated Quick-Start Copy Lamps equipped with the latest high-pressure gallium bulbs and PLC control.

WAP-ALTO – Suction and High Pressure Cleaners. High Pressure and Suction Cleaners with specially shaped nozzles and tubes for use in screen printing.


Our technicians are always available to provide comprehensive technical advice, tests and services.



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